Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chocolate Bar

1 bar of chocolate (varieties include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate. Avoid baker's chocolate)

1. Loosen paper wrapper from chocolate bar by sliding index finger between layers of paper, shaking from side to side to tear or detach glued portions.
2. Unfold or tear foil covering off chocolate bar.
3. Break piece of chocolate off, using pre-existing grooves as a guide.
4. Eat piece immediately upon breaking off, or give to another person nearby.
5. Repeat breaking pieces of chocolate off and eating until bar is entirely consumed. When remaining chocolate is too small to break easily, entirety of remainder may be eaten. Alternatively, stop and wrap remaining chocolate with foil and paper and store in a cool dry place.

Recipe serves 1-6 depending on size of chocolate bar and appetite for chocolate

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  1. can i use hot chocolate? sometimes it comes is liquid form, sometimes the chocolate in my pocket becomes warmer than room temperature.

  2. cali: for this recipe, solid chocolate is preferred. Liquid chocolate generally needs to be contained in a mug or cup, sometimes a bowl.