Monday, December 14, 2009

Cheese and crackers

1 box of crackers
1 wedge of hard or medium-hard cheese

1. Open box of crackers using method described for cereal box in breakfast cereal.
2. Place 3-4 crackers per person for a snack or 15-20 crackers per person for a meal on a platter or individual plates.
3. Extract cheese from paper or plastic wrapping by unwrapping cheese and removing from wrapping.
4. Using a knife, cut cheese into long flat pieces, then cut those pieces into shorter pieces that will fit somewhat neatly on a cracker. (see notes on cheese pieces, below)
5. As cheese pieces are ready, place on prepared crackers.
6. May be held at cool room temperature for an hour.

Recipe serves 1-12

Notes on cheese pieces

When making cheese and crackers, proper sizing and shape of cheese pieces relative to crackers is important.

Pieces do not have to be exact shape and size of cracker, but ideally one dimension of the cheese shape will match or slightly exceed one dimension of the cracker shape (see photo above). Cheese pieces that are noticeably smaller or larger in every dimension than crackers are to be avoided. Cheese pieces that are excessively uniform in shape are to be avoided as well.

When pairing a cheese and cracker for the first time, taste first piece of cheese and cracker together to determine if amount of cheese relative to cracker is overpoweringly salty, or is too scant, leading to a dry and flavorless experience. Vary thickness of cheese slices until desirable combination is achieved.

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  1. can i use a soft cheese, like brie or melted brie?

  2. a soft cheese may be served in this when under-ripe, but such cheeses tend to be chalky and unpleasant. Undergraduate students are traditionally subjected to such cheeses at social gatherings.